Widnes 1918 HMS - Minesweeper

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Widnes 1918 HMS - Minesweeper

Post by Woody » Tue Jun 28, 2011 6:47 pm

HMS Widnes
Minesweeper, Aberdare Class – 3448, T.6, T.1, J.55
Laid down as Withernsea and renamed before launched by Napier & Miller Old Kilpatrick,
Yard No 219 on 28/6/1918. Sunk by gunfire on 17/10/1943.
800t normal
231ft x 28ft 6in x 7ft 6in
2-shaft, TE, 2 Yarrow boilers, Coal, 2,200ihp giving 16 knots
1 x 4in QF, and 1 x 12pdr AA.
Crew 74

Completed 17/9/1918
28/11/1919 Paid Off at Malta
During the Inter-war she was in Malta and then laid up in Reserve at Singapore
December 1939 brought forward from Reserve and then commissioned after her trials.
Took passage to Aden
1940 joined the 2nd Minesweeping Flotilla at Alexandria to support the Military operations in the Eastern Mediterranean
1941 detached to join the Crete Patrol Force
20/5/1941 attacked by Stukas in Suda Bay and following a near miss started to take in water and had to be beached.
She was later salved by the Germans, repaired as Patrol Vessel 12.V4, and rearmed with 2 x 88/45 SK C/35, 2 x 37/83 SK C/30, 6 x 20/65 C/38, and 3 DCT. She was commissioned as the antisubmarine vessel UJ.2109 in 1942
17/10/1943 sunk with gunfire by British destroyers in the Dodecanese off Kalymnos while escorting a merchantman

C1 Widnes Malta.jpg
Widnes in Malta
C1 Widnes leaving Malta 1-1937.jpg
Widnes leaving Malta in January 1937
C3 UJ2109.JPG
as UJ.2109

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