Champion 1878 HMS - Corvette

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Champion 1878 HMS - Corvette

Post by Woody » Fri Jul 01, 2011 9:50 am

HMS Champion
Steel Corvette, Comus Class
Champion (Old)
One of six built by Elders. The others were Comus, Carysfort, Cleopatra, Conquest and Curacoa. Laid down 17/8/1876 and launched by John Elder and Sons, No 207, on 1/7/1878. Sold 23/6/1919 to Hughes Bolckow, Blyth.
2380t displacement
225ft pp x 44ft 6in x 19ft 3in
Ship Rig
1 shaft, 3-cyl horizontal compound, 6 boilers, coal, 2310ihp giving 13 knots
2 x 7 inch MLR, 12 x 64pdr MLR, 2 light guns, 6-10 MGs and 2 Torpedo Carriers
Crew 265

Completed 7/12/1880 and commissioned at Sheerness
Apr 1886 China (Amoy)
4/12/1888 Commissioned at Sheerness
1890 Pacific
August 1891 with some American, French, and German vessels she landed men at Valparaiso in order to protect the Consulates during a Chilean revolution.
1892 made a Survey off the Johnston Atoll
1893 visited Pitcairn island
26/6/1897 Present at the Naval Review at Spithead in celebration of the Diamond Jubilee.
The latter part of her service was spent in a training squadron
1904 Harbour Service as a stoker's Training Ship at Chatham
September 1913 relieved by Brilliant
1915 renamed Champion (Old) to free the name for the new cruiser
WWI used by the River Examination Service for the Control of river Traffic and moored on the Thames between Cliffe Fort and Coalhouse Port

C1 405.jpg
C2 drying her sails.jpg
Champion drying her sails
C3 Champiom in Fjord Art.jpg
Artist not known

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Re: Champion 1878 HMS - Corvette

Post by Woody » Sat Jul 01, 2017 2:11 pm

Birthday Images
C4 Champion in 1880.jpg
Champion 1880
C5 Champion quwet 5in guns.jpg

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