Glenroy 1938 HMS - Landing Ship Infantry (L)

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Glenroy 1938 HMS - Landing Ship Infantry (L)

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HMS Glenroy
Commissioned Transport/Store Carrier
Landing Ship Infantry (Large) - 4.256
Launched by Scotts Greenock, Yard No 571, on 15/8/1938 as a Cargo Vessel for the Glen Line Ltd, Liverpool. Scrapped at Kure 2/11/1966
483 ft x 66.4 ft x 31.3 ft
Engines by A kt. Brumeister & Wain, Copenhagen
2-shaft, 2 x Oil Engine 2S.C.DA 12cyl (24 7/16"x55 1/2"), giving 18 knots.
LSI(L), 2nd conversion: 6 x 4in AA 93 x 2), 4 x 2pdr (4 x 1), 8 x 20mm (8 x 1), 3 LCMs, 24 LCAs and 1,087 troops
Crew 523

Delivered: 27/12/38
21/10/1939 requisitioned by the Admiralty and converted into a Commissioned Transport/Store Carrier but was not immediately taken up and was still operated by the Glen Line
June 1940 she arrived at Liverpool for conversion into an LSI(L) and during the conversion she was damaged in an air raid
31/1/1941 left for the Mediterranean on 31st January 1941 to join Force Z.
22/4/1941 she grounded at Alexandria and did not take part in the evacuation of Greece
May 1941 took part in the evacuation of Crete, during which she was hit by incendiaries and returned to Alexandria for repairs.
November 1941 took part in Operation Aggression - supplying besieged Tobruk, carrying a full cargo plus a deck cargo of 16 lighters. During this operation she was hit by an aerial torpedo and was taken in tow by HMS Carlisle, but had to be beached near Mersa Matruh. After repairs she was refloated and towed to Alexandria for further repairs
November 1942 returned to Cardiff for more repairs and then to Belfast for further conversion as an LSI(L).
21/2/1943 returned to service, but as a care and maintenance ship until the rehearsals for the Normandy landings.
June 1944 took part in the Normandy landings as HQ ship for Force G1. After her landings ships returned from the first wave she returned to Southampton for more troops and continued this pattern for 4 days until she was damaged by a mine laid by E-boats.
January 1945, following repairs at Cardiff she joined the East Indies Squadron
May 1945 took part in the assault on Rangoon
June 1946 returned to UK
August 1946 Returned
May 1948 restarted Far East Service after conversion by Siley, Cox & Co at Falmouth

Battle Honour: NORMANDY 1944
C1 Glenroy 29-2-1944.jpg
HMS Glenroy 29/2/1944
C2 Glenroy underway port bow 5-1946.JPG
May 1946
C3 Glenroy general arrangement.jpg
General arrangements as an LSI(L)

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