Lorna 1904 HMS - Armed Yacht

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Lorna 1904 HMS - Armed Yacht

Post by Woody » Wed Aug 31, 2011 2:14 pm

HMS Lorna
Auxiliary Patrol Yacht - 024
Armed Boarding Vessel - 4.65
Launched by Scotts Greenock, Yard No 388, on 31/8/1904 as the Steam Schooner Yacht Beryl for Wyndham Francis Cook, London. Scrapped in Perama 1968
484 grt
168.5 ft x 25.2 ft
Twin screw, Steam giving 13 knots
2 x 6pdr

Completed in October 1904
1905 to Baron Inverclyde, Glasgow
1911 to Lord Hollenden, Glasgow and renamed LORNA
30/9/1914 requisitioned by the Admiralty as an armed Patrol Vessel
26/5/1918 sank the German submarine UB-74 in Lyme Bay. While on patrol in the Channel she received an SOS and arriving on the scene she sighted a periscope of a submarine about to attack a merchantman. Ordering full speed she drove over the periscope just as it disappeared, felt a hit and dropped two depth charges. Going about she observed a bubbling disturbance and dropped another depth charge in the middle. One survivour was picked up but soon died
2/2/1919 returned, then sold to Sir Walter Preston, M.P
September 1939 requisitioned for use as an armed boarding vessel. 1 x 12pdr
Served with the North Atlantic Command at Fort William
1943 Returned
1947 to Kavounides Bros., Piraeus and converted to passenger ship. Renamed THESSALIA
1960 rebuilt and converted to a motor vessel with a single diesel engine. Now 548grt and renamed GLAROS
14/12/1966 sank after a collision with RITA at Piraeus, later raised and scrapped
as Thessalia

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