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A very fine old lady!
Details from Piet van Damme's database
160 GRT 4 NRT, L30,78m, B5,82m, D3,15m (101.0'x19.1'x10.4')
iron, paddle, 2x L2cyl by "J. Stewart" at London, 70nhp-400ihp, sp 10kn

1876: Built by "Westwood, Baillie & Co" at Blackwall (GBR)
1876 -xx/04: completed for "Dover Harbour Board" at Dover (GBR)
(GBR flag, regd Dover, ON 68127, c/s HTRW)
1907 -xx/02: To James Irwing at Sunderland (GBR)
(GBR flag, regd Sunderland, ON 68127, c/s HTRW)
1907 -xx/10: To "Seaham Harbour Dock Co" (GBR)
1924 -xx/02: To "The Ridley Steam Tug Co Ltd" for £775
1930 -xx/10: chartered to "Blyth Tug Co Ltd" (GBR)
194x: (GBR flag, regd Sunderland, ON 68127, c/s MDQR)
1952 -xx/04: for breaking up to "British Iron & Steel Corporation" for £1,600
allocated to "Clayton & Davie Ltd" at Dunston (GBR), for breaking up
George Robinson
Freeman of Eriskay

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