Surprise 1916 HMS - Destroyer

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Surprise 1916 HMS - Destroyer

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HMS Surprise
Destroyer, R Class, 6th order, Yarrow Special – F.69, F.66
Laid down in December 1915 and launched by Yarrow Shipbuilders Scotstoun, Yard No 1395, on 25/11/1916. Mined and sunk 23/12/1917.
930t normal; 1173t deep load
83.4m x 7.8m x 2.7m
2 shaft Brown-Curtis direct-drive turbines, 3 Yarrow boilers, oil, 27,000shp giving 36 knots.
3 x 4in 45 cal QF Mk IV, 1 x 2pdr pom-pom, 4 x 21in TTs (2 x 2)
Crew 82

Completed in January 1917 and served with the Harwich Force
23/12/1917 during the night while escorting a convoy off the Dutch Coast four destroyers ran into a minefield near the Mass light buoy. Surprise, Torrent, Tornado and Radiant. Surprise hit a mine and sank while trying to assist HMS Torrent. Tornado also hit a mine yet still Radiant came to rescue the crews and managed to escape injury. Only about a quarter of the three crews were rescued.

Image of Surprise Welcome
C Strongbow G44 underway port bow.JPG
Her sister ship HMS Strongbow

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