Indefatigable 1942 HMS - Aircraft Carrier

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Indefatigable 1942 HMS - Aircraft Carrier

Post by Woody » Thu Dec 08, 2011 8:27 pm

HMS Indefatigable
Fleet Aircraft Carrier, Implacable Class - 10
Laid down 3/11/1939 and launched by John Brown Clydebank, Yard No 565, on 8/12/1942. Scrapping started 4/11/1956, partially at Dalmuir and then Troon, Scotland
23,450t standard; 32,110t deep load
766ft 4in oa x 95ft 9in x 28ft 11in deep load
4 shaft Parsons geared turbines, 8 Admiralty 3-drum boilers, oil, 145,000shp giving 32 knots
16 x 4.5in QF Mk III HA (8 x 2), 44 x 2pdr pompoms (5 x 8 and 1 x 4)
60 aircraft, Seafires and Avengers
Crew 1585 initially

Commissioned: 3/5/1944
June 1944 joined the Home Fleet
17/7/1944 Operation Mascot against the Tirpitz, followed by further attacks in August with Operation Goodwood
October-November 1944 modified for Pacific Service and then took passage to join the Eastern Fleet
10/12/1944 arrived at Colombo and joined the 1st Aircraft Carrier Squadron, Pacific Fleet
4/1/1945 Operation Lentil, Sumatra with Air Strikes on Pangkalan Brandon Oil Refinery with Indomitable and Victorious
24 and 29/1/1945 Operation Meridian, attack on Pladjoe and Soengei Gerong Refineries at Palembang
February 1945 she joined the US 5th Fleet after a period in Sydney
March-April 1945 took part in air strikes against Sakishima Gunto and Formosa
1/4/1945 was hit by a Kamikaze at the base of the superstructure, killing 14 among 30 injured. She was fully operational within 1 hour
11/4/1945 diverted for air attacks on Airfields in Formosa, flying Combat Air Patrols with several aircraft being shot down
20/4/1945 to Leyte for repairs
May 1945 further air strikes against Sakishima Gunto. By the end of these operations she had contributed one-third of the Fleet Air Arm sorties flown between 26 March and 25 May 1945
June 1945 to Australia for R&R
July 1945 passage to Japan with US Task Force now in 3rd Fleet
24/7/1945 attacked targets in the Inland Sea and Yokoshima
9/8/1945 attacks at targets in North Honshu and Hokkaido.
1/8/1845 attacked chemical plant at Onagawa.
15/8/1945 attacked airfields at Hisaruki and Nobara. Her aircraft flew what was officially the last sortie of the war when her Seafires shot down 8 enemy aircraft.
3/9/1945 present at the Japanese surrender in Tokyo Bay
28/9/1945 returned to Sydney
October-November 1945 she repatriated POWs from Japan to Sydney
December 1945 she sailed for a tour of New Zealand and then returned to Sydney
March 1946 arrived in the UK and then made one more trip to Australia with a depleted crew and ‘Bush Brides’. Returned with 1,650 servicemen
December 1946 paid off and put in Reserve
1950 re-commissioned as a boys training ship, with her hangars converted to classrooms and accommodation space
September 1954 paid off
1956 Disposal List

Battle Honours: PALEMBANG 1945 - OKINAWA 1945 - JAPAN 1945
C1 Indefatigable at anchor portside steam up.jpg
C2 indefatigable VM.jpg
Indefatigable in Australia
Image from the Green Collection – State of Victoria Library
C3 Indefatigable at anchor stern strbd 1953.jpg
1953 as TS preparing for Coronation Review

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Re: Indefatigable 1942 HMS - Aircraft Carrier

Post by Deepol » Thu Nov 05, 2015 10:56 am

From the Steel and Bennie Album
On her last journey upriver to Dalmuir.
Paul Strathdee

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