Glen Avon 1912 HMS - Auxiliary Paddle Minesweeper

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Glen Avon 1912 HMS - Auxiliary Paddle Minesweeper

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HMS Glen Avon
Auxiliary Paddle Minesweeper - 185
Auxiliary Paddle Minesweeper - J.104
Auxiliary AA Vessel - 4.392
Launched by Ailsa Shipbuilding Company, Yard No 255, 30/5/1912 as a Paddle Steamer for P & A Campbell Ltd, Cardiff. Foundered 2/9/1944
509 grt
220 ft x 27 ft x 9ft
Side paddle, Compound diagonal, 26.5 and 52 in x 54 in, 165 NHP giving 17 knots
1 x 12pdr, 1 x 6pdr AA

Completed in July 1912
4/11/1914 requisitioned for use as a paddle minesweeper
5/7/1919 returned.
15/9/1939 requisitioned again for conversion to a Minesweeper at Milford Haven. She was appointed to the 8th minesweeping Flotilla, North Shields Command
1 x 12pdr and two light AA guns (usual fit)
28/5/1940 ordered to return to harbour to take on coal and head for Harwich for the Dunkirk evacuation
30/5/1940 at 22.00 hrs arrived and anchored off La Panne Beach and returned with a full load after beaching
1/6/1940 returned to Dunkirk She is credited with rescuing 888 troops
6/6/1940 arrived back at North Shields
February 1942 started a conversion at North Shields into an Auxiliary AA ship and in the early summer moved down to the lower Reaches of the Thames
3 x 2pdr AA (3 x 1), 4 x 20mm AA (4 x 1), 2 x Quad BP turrets and 4 Lewis guns
June 1944 took part in Operation Overlord
July 1944 anchored in St Helen’s Roads, I.O.W. to guard against V Rockets. After two weeks she was transferred to the Normandy coast as a Guard ship and examination vessel off Port-en-Bessin
2/9/1940 sank during a gale in Seine Bay. She started to take in water and was unable to heave her anchors or slip her cable. The tug Storm King came alongside and took off some of the crew, as did MMS 266 in attendance, as she started to break up. 15 of her crew were lost.

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World War I
Looks like she has a damaged paddle
C2 Glen Avon at Harwich after Dunkirk.JPG
Minesweeper Glen Avon at Harwich after Dunkirk
C3 3-6-1942.jpg
3/6/1942 as an AA Vessel

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