Orama 1911 HMS - Armed Merchant Cruiser

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Orama 1911 HMS - Armed Merchant Cruiser

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HMS Orama
AMC - M.61
Launched by John Brown Clydebank, Yard No 403, on 28/6/1911 as a Passenger Cargo Vessel for the Orient Steam Navigation Co (Orient Line). Torpedoed and sunk by U-62, South of Ireland 19/10/1917
12927 grt
551 ft x 64.2 ft x 39 ft
Triple Screw, 2 x T4-cyl steam engines plus Low Pressure turbine, 14,000ihp giving 18.5 knots
8 x 6in

4/9/1914 requisitioned for use as an Armed Merchant Cruiser
2 x 6 inch BL Fore well deck, port and starboard,
2 x 6 inch BL C deck forward, port and starboard,
2 x 6 inch BL After well deck, port and starboard,
2 x 6 inch BL C deck aft, port and starboard
12/9/1914 commissioned at Tilbury and served with 10th Cruiser Squadron in the South Atlantic
11/11/1914 while on Montevideo patrol she found the German Raider Navarra at the South Atlantic Island of Trinidada, a German Rendezvous Point. She was on fire with her crew in boats. She was sunk by gunfire and her crew picked up.
27/11/1914 Port William, Falkland Islands
2/1/1915 Valporaiso
26/1/1915 Mollendo, Peru
14/3/1915 caught up with the German cruiser Dresden which had escaped the Battle of the Falklands and was hiding in Juan Fernandez Island she had been ordered to leave by the Chilean authorities and was shelled by HMS Kent, Glasgow and Orama. The crew abandoned ship under a white flag and scuttled her
17/6/1915 Iquique, Peru
11/7/1915 Easter Island
2/8/1915 Sydney and Garden Island Dockyard for refit
19/10/1915 left Sydney
24/10/1915 Auckland
16/11/1915 Falkland Islands and resume South Atlantic Patrol
12/5/1916 Barbados visit and then resumed South Atlantic Patrol
1/1/1917 involved in the Hunt for the German Raider Moewe off Pernambucco
10/3/1917 arrived at Simonstown for Refit
22/6/1917 left Capetown with bullion and a Convoy, for Sierra Leone
5/7/1917 left Sierra Leone for Halifax
12/8/1917 arrived in Liverpool for dry docking
23/9/1917 left Liverpool for Dakar
7/10/1917 left Dakar as escort to Convoy HD7
19/10/1917 the Convoy met up with it’s Destroyer escort and Orama was ordered to join the 7.5 knot Convoy at the head of the third column, where she had no room to manoeuvre and was unable to zigzag. (With her speed she would rather have gone on ahead). She was hit on the port beam by a single torpedo and listed heavily to port, settling by the head. She lowered her boats and as the holds continued to flood abandoned ship USS Conyngham and Jacob Jones took off the remaining crew. She took four hours to sink and all 479 men got off.

C ORAMA John Browns 1911 A Green.jpg
SS Orama
Image from the Green Collection – State of Victoria Library
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Re: Orama 1911 HMS - Armed Merchant Cruiser

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Birthday Images
C2 Orama at Simonstown NMM.jpg
Orama at Simonstown
National Maritime Museum
C3 Orama sinking.jpg
Orama Sinking

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