Newbury 1916 HMS - Paddle Minesweeper

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Newbury 1916 HMS - Paddle Minesweeper

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HMS Newbury
Paddle Minesweeper, Ascot Class - 899, T.26
Launched by A & J Inglis Pointhouse Glasgow, Yard No 313, on 3/7/1916 and sold for breaking up at Inverkeithing, March 1922.
810t normal
74.9m x 8.8m (17.7m across boxes) x 2.1m
Paddle-wheel diagonal compound steam, cyl boilers, 1500ihp giving 14.5 knots
2 x 6pdr, 2 x 2pdr pom poms
Crew 50

Completed 9/9/1916
During the war she served with the Dover Patrol
On the night of the 14-15/2/1918, while guarding the anti-submarine net barrier, she was caught in a German Destroyer raid and severely damaged. She was towed back to Dover with nine dead and seventeen injured
Post-war she served in the Mine Clearance Service with the T pendant
January 1921 Paid Off at Rosyth

C Newbury 899 moored stern strbd.jpg

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