Forth 1938 HMS - Submarine Depot Ship

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Forth 1938 HMS - Submarine Depot Ship

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HMS Forth
Submarine Depot Ship, Maidstone Class – F.07, A.187
HMS Defiance
Launched by John Brown Clydebank, Yard No: 555, on 11/8/1938. Arrived in the River Medway 25/7/1985 for breaking up by Dean Marine, Kingsnorth.
8900t standard, 11,965t deep load
531ft oa x 73ft x 20ft 4in
2-shaft Brown-Curtis geared turbines, 4 Admiralty 3-drum boilers, oil, 7000shp giving 17 knots
8 x 4.5in/45 QF Mk I HA (4 x 2), 8 x 2pdr pompom (2 x 4)
Crew 1167

Completed 15/5/1939 and she was with the 2nd SM Flotilla, Rosyth, at the outbreak of WWII, and then to the Holy Loch
June 1940 Dundee
Late 1941 she went to Halifax and St Johns, Nova Scotia, looking after submarines covering the convoys and also some of the Antisubmarine vessels
1942 back in the Holy Loch by January to support the 3rd SM Flotilla. She remained on the Clyde until 1947, at Holy Loch until 1945 and Rothesay from 1945 to 47.
Jan 1948 arrived at Malta after a refit to be with the 1st SM Flotilla, moored in Msida Creek and stayed in the Mediterranean until 1960. She was at Suez as HQ Ship and Comms for the Suez clearance.
October 1960 returned to Devonport.
1962-66 reconstructed at Chatham to support nuclear submarines and then to Singapore with the 7th Submarine Squadron, until returning to Plymouth in 1971
1972 renamed DEFIANCE at the Fleet Maintenance Base Devonport where she looked after the needs of the diesel boats of the 2nd SM Squadron and was finally placed on the disposal list in 1978 when Defiance became a shore base. She remained there until disposal in 1985.
C1 Forth-Seahorse 98S-Starfish 19S Rosyth 1939.jpg
Forth Rosyth 1939 with Seahorse and Starfish
C2 Forth-Sea Nymph Clyde WWII.JPG
Forth at Holy Loch with Sea Nymph
C3 Forth A187 port bow Chatham 62-66.jpg
Forth at Chatham after her reconstruction
C4 Forth A187 alongside bow port RF.jpg
Forth alongside
Rick Furnival

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