Glen Gower 1922 HMS - Auxiliary Paddle Minesweeper

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Glen Gower 1922 HMS - Auxiliary Paddle Minesweeper

Post by Woody » Mon Feb 14, 2011 5:49 pm

HMS Glen Gower
Paddle Minesweeper - J.16
HMS Glenmore
Auxiliary AA Vessel - 4.368
Launched by Ailsa Shipbuilding Company, Yard No 377, on 14/2/1922 as a Paddle Steamer for P & A Campbell Ltd Cardiff. Arrived for Scrapping at Boom, Belgium 11/4/1960
553 grt
242 ft oa x 28.5ft x 9ft
Paddle reciprocating DC, 1,800 IHP giving 17.5 knots (from the scrapped PS ALBION)
1 x 12pdr

17/9/1939 arrived at Cardiff dry dock for conversion to a minesweeper. Allocated to the 8th Minesweeping Flotilla, North Shields Command
9/12/1939 left Barry as Flotilla leader with HMS Snaefell, Glen Usk and Brighton Belle for Tyneside
30/5/1940 left Harwich with Snaefell and Glen Avon for Dunkirk. She had embarked 530 troops from La Penne beach by boat when she was ordered to go alongside Dunkirk Pier, having to be towed off the beach by Snaefell as she had grounded. Coming alongside the Pier she came under continuous shellfire while having to wait to embark troops and took some casualties before returning to Harwich
1/6/1940 returned to Dunkirk with four boats in tow and anchored off the beach. Dunkirk was an inferno and they were again under continuous shellfire while they embarked troops by boat. She returned with 500 troops and overall took off 1,235 troops in her two trips.
June 1941 renamed HMS GLENMORE (Signals problem with HMS Glendower)
February 1942 arrived at Sheerness and converted into an AA Vessel
4 x 2pdr AA (4 x 1), 5 x 20mm AA (5 x 1), 2 x quad 0.303 B&P turrets, 2 x Hotchkiss MG and 1 Lewis Gun
June 1942 joined the Thames Extended Defence Flotilla at Sheerness
September 1942 relocated to Harwich
June 1943 sent to Rochester for conversion into an accommodation ship but was returned to Harwich due to shortage of AA ships for convoy escort duties
1/9/1944 completed a refit at Chatham and was back on the Thames
1/11/1944 claims to have shot down a flying bomb
4/12/1944 arrived in Antwerp as part of Eagle Flotilla
Christmas Eve had a near miss from a flying bomb which caused some blast damage and was paid off at the end of the year.
For the next six months acted as transport for the RAF on the Scheldt Balloon Barrage
25/6/1945 arrived back at Bristol for a major refit and renamed GLEN GOWER.
21/5/1947 commenced sailing's on the South Coast.
C1 GG arrives Harwich from Dunkirk  31-5-1940.JPG
31/5/1940 arriving at Harwich from Dunkirk
C2 Glen Gower Fish Quay N Sheilds 1941.JPG
Glen Gower Fish Quay North Shields 1941
C3 Glenmore starboard 5-6-1942.jpg
Glenmore AA Vessel June 1942
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Re: Glen Gower 1922 HMS - Auxiliary Paddle Minesweeper

Post by Magoonigal » Mon Feb 14, 2011 10:13 pm

The second picture of her at the Fish Quay is not strictly true she's further upriver. The elevated street in the background is the East end of Yeoman Street and the vessel is approx midway between the small Dry Dock operated by Smith's Dock Co Ltd, Shields Engineering Dept (Which still remains between the new flats) and the Market Place. (Ferry Landing.)

If you were coming upriver today, it would be between the Dry Dock Entrance and the Porthole Pub. Its not a section of the River that is currently in use or dredged and apart from seeing Lightships and Trawlers in the Dry Dock I've never seen any vessels moored in that location. (Small boats excepted!)

If you go to Google Maps and put in Clive Street, North Shilds you will see where I mean.

Its a great wartime photograph that I have not seen before.
Paul Hood.

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Re: Glen Gower 1922 HMS - Auxiliary Paddle Minesweeper

Post by Woody » Tue Feb 14, 2017 5:02 pm

Birthday Images
C4 Glenmore 5-6-1942.jpg
HMS Glenmore 5/6/1942
C5 Glenmore returning Avon 25-6-1945.JPG
Glenmore returning to the Avon 25/6/1945

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